Glebe Art Show 2017

The Glebe Art Show has held annually over 10 days at Glebe Library and in the adjoining building 'Benledi', at 186 Glebe Point Road, the main road through this affluent inner-western suburb of Sydney.

The event focus attention on artists living or working in the Glebe area and neighboring suburbs (which was the first suburb where Muzi lived in Sydney), including the City of Sydney and Leichhardt Council municipalities. It also provides a venue for local artists to show and sell their work.

The Glebe Art Show  is organised by the Glebe Art Society Inc., a nonprofit community association.

The edition of 2017Glebe Art Show was a celebration of 20 year anniversary. The exposition had over 1200 visitors viewing more than 140 works. 

Muzi won the "People's Choice Award" with his painting entitled "Rooting" The painting addresses a moment of strength in Muzi's life. Through the composition, the artist denotes the regeneration of his self-confidence. Muzi creates an environment of healing which embraces what was left in the past, and what will be there for the challenges of the future.

Here are all the winners of the night:

People's Choice Award *
. Muzi - Rooting
(Watercolour and markers, 60x45cm)

Work of Excellence
. Barry Canham - Brooklyn Bridge
(Acrylic, 41 x 51cm)



Character of Glebe Prize
. Vicky Marquis - Sunday Bocce
(Acrylic, 53 x 67cm)

Young Artist Prize (18-30 years)
. Xanthe Croot - Quantum Computing
(Oil on canvas, 100x75cm)


Photography Prize
. Rory King - Sailing Away on a Lake with no Water



Works on Paper Prize
. Kalpa Jadeja - Friends Beside the Harbour
(Mixed Media, 48x92cm)



Painting Prize
. Carole Griffin - Lemons Mirrored
(Oil on canvas, 73 x 58cm)




Open Art Prize

. Diane Livingstone - Inner City Collage
(Oil on canvas, 70x100cm)



. Matilda Mitchel - Reason
(Oil on canvas, 76 x 91cm)



Poster "Rooting" Limited Edition Print Framed on sale here.