Poster "Rooting" A3 Limited Edition Framed

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This painting addresses a moment of strength in Muzi's life.
Through the composition, the artist denotes the regeneration of his self-confidence.

Muzi creates an environment of healing which embraces what was left in the past, and what will be there for the challenges of the future.

Very present at this phase of his career, the plants represent the life, the sensitivity, and his current home.
The elements were withdrawals from particular spots of the house to symbolise the peace he feels in that environment.

In this painting, Muzi also exposes the roots of plants, that usually lies hidden below the surface. However, they still provide the basis and the vehicle for nutrients (experiences) absorption as well.

The whole composition is infused in a pink circle which represents the constant search for balance in several aspects of our lives.

The drippings represent the fragility, the impermanence, the decomposition of matter, the tears, and the recommencement of the cycle of life.


* Inscription: Hand-Signed, numbered and dated by the artist *

. Tyvek paper A2 (420 x 594 mm)
. Snap & Hang - Magnetic Wooden Frames (Pickaboo) - natural wood color, strong magnet holder 40cm wide (comes with canvas bag)
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