Murilo Manzini aka Muzi is a Brazilian born visual artist, a multimedia specialist & illustrator based in Sydney, Australia.

Muzi has a background in design, passing through visual arts at Central TAFE in Perth and RMIT in Melbourne, and has always loved to spend his time drawing and painting.

As a young child, his favourite past time was to lay on the ground with a box of crayons and paper and allow his imagination to flow, constantly creating images to add to his very own personal gallery, set up in his bedroom. As he grew up and faced the obstacles thrown at him by life, he would continually find himself inspired by his healing process.

Muzi feels that life is full of fragile and vulnerable moments which should never be denied but embraced. He sees genuine beauty when those experiences are overcome and turned into awareness and strength. He is a spiritualist and intuitive to everything around him, and he loves to be surrounded by positive energy, nature, and clean spaces.

He is a firm believer that his true nature and state of mind, are an integral part of each piece of artwork he creates. He is attracted to elements such as flowers, crystals, vintage toys, and young male figures, and they are often referenced as main subjects in his current work. The end result of each art piece he creates is a wondrous medley of various techniques and applications, including watercolour, acrylic, digital composition, markers, and mixed media, which all move rhythmically together, and sometimes overlap each other, no matter the chosen surface.

In this website, Muzi shares his beliefs through his art, and also sells his original handmade, digital, and limited edition products.

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