#ArtExhibition at Ovo Boteco

The exhibition showcases artworks from Murilo Manzini (a.k.a. Muzi) and Fabio Manzini (a.k.a. Juxtafab), two Brazilian artists based in Sydney.

Through art, the couple invites the spectator to visit their family roots and to share their journey as they settled in a new land. New cultural references and new feelings have merged with ingrained memories and emotions. The compositions denote a colourful representation of their dedication, optimism, and faith.

Murilo showcases his original acrylic paintings, and also some digital posters (signed limited edition) and Fabio displays his artworks made with collage on paper.

Below some photos of the Opening Night that happened on the 17th of April.

The exhibition will run from the 17th April until the 31st May 2019 at Ovo Boteco Restaurant, a fresh look at Brazilian Food.

! Click here to shop online the art pieces showcased there.

! Click here to see the tropical customisation Muzi made at Ovo Boteco before this exhibition.

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9-15 Bayswater Road, Potts Point.