Ovo Boteco Exhibition

This exhibition showcases artworks from Murilo Manzini (a.k.a. Muzi) and Fabio Manzini (a.k.a. Juxtafab), two Brazilian artists based in Sydney.

Through art, the couple invites the spectator to visit their family roots and to share their journey as they settled in a new land. New cultural references and new feelings have merged with ingrained memories and emotions. The compositions denote a colourful representation of their dedication, optimism, and faith.

Murilo showcases his original acrylic paintings, and also some digital posters (signed limited edition) and Fabio displays his artworks made with collage on paper.

The exhibition will run from the 17th April until the 31st May 2019 at Ovo Boteco Restaurant, a fresh look at Brazilian Food.




I am a firm believer that my true nature and state of mind, are an integral part of each piece of artwork I create.

To me, life is full of vulnerable moments which should never be denied but embraced. I see genuine beauty when those experiences are overcome and turned into awareness and strength.

Since I was a kid, I have always been drawn to elements such as flowers, crystals, porcelain figures, in which I find the best representation for the system I belong to.

For this exhibition, I've decided to reproduce a constant search for balance. The artworks portray a compilation of elements and past experiences brought from memories, sometimes dysfunctional or yet present.

The unusual disposition of the elements represents my way of being in communion with that system and also the attempt to cooperate with it; honouring the journey and empowering the present.



Since I can remember, I relished making analogic collages juxtaposing personal pictures with comic books. Always playful and ironic, I appreciate creating imaginary circumstances, where cartoons, animals and plants have a genuine voice in the scene.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Brazil where I was reminded of how Christianism is present in my closest relative's homes. So, I was inspired to collect some iconic images and use them to interpret our path together.

There, I also noticed how the connection with my family system, even being sympathetic and peaceful, is not physically profound. Instead, and curiously, our bond is sustained by the synergy with the same characters I add to my work: cartoons, plants and animals.

It also reinforced that, by giving power to these characters in the picture, I'm sharing my family's unique way to manifest love and affection; our particular connection.

The boundless universe of collage represents my perfect contemplative practice: something colourful to help me developing personal and spiritual awareness.