Futuro Exhibition at Ornitorrinco Gallery in Sao Paulo

Zupi had invited 39 artists to create works inspired by the future in an exhibition for the 10th edition of the Pixel Show.

Environmental, social, cultural and philosophical issues were represented by these creatives in 78 incredible works!

The abstract, the realistic, the playful, the shocking, the ghastly and the intriguing are in this series that uses art to draw attention to the possibilities of tomorrow.

The exhibition was a success during the event and several works had already been sold. The show gained another exhibition at Ornitorrinco Gallery in Sao Paulo and work of the artists below were available for buying.

A23, André Luiz Massayuki Ota, Andre Morbeck, Apolo Torres, Bruno Petito, Cazé Sawaya, Chivitz, Cranio, Diego Fagundes, Felipe Primat, Flora Fontes, Fredone Fone, Gabriel Goes, Gabriel Torggler, Guilherme Kramer, Gustavo Rocha, Issao, Jhon Douglas, Júlio Vieira, Leonardo Dellafuente, Loro Verz, Lucas de Alcântara, Lucas Lobo, Marcella Tamayo, Marcelo Cabral, Marmota vs Milky, Minhau, Murilo Manzini, Pato, Pedro Petrelli, Pedro Pezte, Rael Brian, Renan Santos, Renato Quirino, SAO Anderson Augusto, Alexandre Soma, Thiago Thomé, Victor Hugo and Wagner Willian.

The exhibition began on April 30 and was scheduled to last one month with free admission. The gallery is on Avenida Pompéia, 520 - Sao Paulo, SP.

Fonts: Zupi