Exhibition at Superloft - Sala Ilustrada

The School of Art and Creation - Sala Ilustrada, by the artist Catarina Gushiken, hold an exhibition at the multicultural complex Superlof, in Sao Paulo, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Annually, the school organises a series of exhibitions with its students presenting the results of their studies during the period they went there.
The courses vary from 2 months to 3 years and they are taught by some of the most talented artists in the Brazilian art scenario, such as the scenographer and graffiti artist Vermelho, the illustrators Soraya Matos and Sabrina Eras, the character designer and illustrator Hiro Kawahara, as well as Catarina herself.

In this 4th. Edition of the Collective Expo, more than 60 students sent about 90 works in the most varied techniques and media: oil painting, acrylics, watercolors, stencil, digital illustration, embroidery, sculptures, assemblages, engravings, and installations, reflecting the spirit of free creation proposed by the school. This freedom is clearly perceived also by the profile of students who pass through the school halls, located in the neighborhood of Aclimação in Sao Paulo, varying among pre-university students, architects, designers, physicians, photographers, fashion students, actors, models, DJs, craftsmen, finally, lovers of art.

"Studying in the Illustrated Room was essential for me to decide the right path to take and start my tattooing career," says Aline Watanabe, a student in the Creative and Tattooing Illustration and Process course.

To gather a wide range of visitors, the Illustrated Room usually reveals talents such as Murilo Manzini, Thiago Reginato, Karen Hofstetter, Dnepwu, and more recently the artist Moara Brasil, who reached the Art Battle Brasil final in December 2014.

This year, the exhibition takes place at Mono Galeria Individual, led by curator and photographer Henrique Luz, at the Superloft complex in Pinheiros.

Check out some works of the show in the gallery below:

Muzi, 7 erros, Watercolor on 50% cotton paper - 54 x 70cm

Luciana Arantes

Renata Ferrari

Danilo Toledo


Rafael Hubner


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