Ecology AW19 Muzi & Hew Clothing

In 2019, Hew Clothing's AW19 collection is a collaboration with Muzi and Mac title "ECOLOGY".

In keeping with the brand’s signature style, the work will feature collaborations with two emerging and refreshing creatives: Murilo Manzini (Muzi) and Mac Hewitt.

Each piece reflects on our modern-day ecology where humans bridge the gap between nature and technology. “Ecology is a reflection on our obsession with technology and how it affects nature. In the end, we need nature more than technology, so we must be mindful of what we put first”, says founder Ema Hewitt.

Angular and geometric, Mac’s animations adopt a moody colour palette and speak to our reliance on technology and the need for constant upgrades. He says, “my print is a portrayal of humankind's relationship with modern technological devices. This Diderot effect we have with our phones was strengthened by the dramatic spec upgrades within our products.” His work depicts the phone as an extension of character thanks to its access and prevalence within our private lives.

Where Mac’s collection focusses on technology, Muzi’s is more reflective of the natural world as well as borderless human relationships. “The idea behind this illustration is to explore nature, using species of birds like the Hoopoe and the Variegated Fairy Wren, in combination with some plants from distinct regions such as the Forget-Me-Not, Peruvian-lily and Sugar Japanese Anemone…” he says.


This mix of elements portrays his view that all societies are built from miscegenation and is balanced by unconventional proportions. The drippings (his artistic signature) represent the impermanence, as well as the sweat and the tears brought by significant challenges we face in life. 

Each piece from the new Hew organic range is environmentally and socially conscious with the adoption of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) fabrics. The products meet world-wide standards that ensure the organic status of textiles, while the use of quality digital-print technology and high-grade cotton ensures excellent quality control standards.

The ‘Ecology’ collection will debut on Runway 6 at VAMFF on 9 March 2019 and will be available for pre-order on the day of the show. 



Credits for the shoot: 

Photographer: Pat Casten 
Videographer: Olivia Miletta Design 
Stylist: Jam Baylon
Set Stylist: Sophie Panton 
MUA: Elle James
Male Model: Dor Versano
Female Model: Julia Pappas

Font: Hew Clothing

In the media: Fashion Journal

Interview for Hew Clothing about Muzi's creative process: Hew Blog