Original Art "Bridging" FRAMED

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This painting describes the feeling that everything is upside-down when you are struggling to belong. That's the reason why I set all elements that way, and Muzi named it "Bridging".

The other elements (crystals, ceramic boy and birds) gravitate towards his Brazilian roots and his references for home.

The Australiana flora in the middle represents Australia, and the drippings (his artistic signature) portray the impermanence, as well as the sweat and the tears that are part of all significant steps in life.


** This artwork will be showcased from the 17th April until the 31st May at Ovo Boteco Restaurant. If you wanna buy with 20% OFF insert the code OVOBOTECO at the end of your order. 

** The pieces will be available for pick up at the venue on the last day of the exhibition (31st May), except Muzi's Posters (these will be signed and ready to pick up from the Opening Night on 17th April). 

** No shipping price will be charged for those who collect at Ovo Boteco. 

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. Acrylic on Canvas
. Dimensions: 40,5 x 40,5cm
. Price in $AUD
. Framed
* All original artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity dated and signed by the artist.