Poster "Green Carnation" A2 Limited Edition Framed

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This painting celebrates the artist's vision of love in its purest form.
It presents the union of two people with different backgrounds who connect with this feeling. It is also reinforced by their shirts covered by diverse flora.
The artwork also brings some personal elements of Muzi and his partner, such as the beard and the pink quartz extender worn by him.
The dripping in this painting refers to the moments of struggle and transformation that a couple faces on their path together and the constant renewal of the partnership.
Embracing the characters there are some carnation flowers. 
Green carnations were famously worn by the Irish writer Oscar Wilde. The green carnation thence became a symbol of homosexuality in the early 20th century, especially through the book The Green Carnation and Noël Coward's song, "We All Wear a Green Carnation" in his operetta, Bitter Sweet. 


* Inscription: Hand-Signed, numbered and dated by the artist * 

. Tyvek paper A2 (420 x 594 mm) 
. Snap & Hang - Magnetic Wooden Frames (Pickaboo) - natural wood color, strong magnet holder 40cm wide (comes with canvas bag) 
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