Original Art "Concealed"

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This painting addresses the subtlety of daily prejudice and the silent struggle of all minorities for egalitarian acceptance.
The pattern applied on the shirt illustrates a tropical flora (from his Latin American origins) and also suggest a camouflage.

For Muzi, the body is also an artistic expression and those who defend their beliefs through colours and beauty are the true soldiers.
The face of the character is covered by a beautiful and colourful turban painted with Australian flora (his new home) depicting that although extraordinary this society may it be, it still lays down that he subtly must hide part of what he is to be fully accepted.

The twig of rosemary on the top of his head represents a spiritual ritual of self-protection and cleansing much used in his native nation and incorporated by the artist.


. Watercolour and marker on paper 100% cotton 300g (39 x 48cm)
. Unframed
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